H. LIVELY - by Haley Ognoskie



Cue Montell Jordan and his 90’s hit - “thiiiis is how we dooooo it.” We’re breaking down the process of selecting decor pillows in three easy, fool-proof steps so you can enjoy a cohesive look for your home with minimal effort!

1. Select your, what we like to call, “foundation” pillows. This SUPER important part of the design scheme cannot be overlooked! When building a home you have to build from a solid foundation first, right? Well, building a design scheme is no different! Solids (fitting right?!) and semi-solids work well. Pick pillows that feature smaller scale prints or are mostly solid colors. The goal here is to create depth, dimension and add some interest without overpowering the rest of the design scheme. Foundation pillows help support the “stars of the show” that we will get to a little later! Here are some examples:

2. Select your “structured” pillows. For H. Lively, these are stripes and geometrics. Every design needs to have structure and linear shapes help to create that. Structured pillows can stand on their own as focal features but also can provide a nice juxtaposition to the “stars of the show” that we will get to next! Here are some examples:

3. Select your “freeform” pillows. These are the stars of the show, the focal points and the ones we’ve been building our design scheme around. For H. Lively, these are the florals and abstract designs. Freeform designs add a touch of whimsy, softness and balance, rounding out the entire design aesthetic. While all H. Lively designs are hand created by the owner and designer, Haley, the freeform pillows are truly original, livable pieces of art for your home. Here are some examples:

There you have it! Selecting decor pillows the H. Lively way is so simple with an end result you’re sure to love for seasons to come! Remember this three step process next time you are decorating your home and be sure to share it with your friends! Your home is a sacred place and we want to help you create and live in a home you love.


May the Lord bless your home today and always!

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