H. LIVELY - by Haley Ognoskie


The Livable Living Room - Decorated FOR Adults, Safe for the Kiddos!

If you're a mom of a little like I am, you're probably pretty familiar with the transition from living in the home you put together to one that fully belongs to your toddler! Your home is promptly turned upside down, "baby-proofing" becomes a reality and style takes a hike, am I right?

Making sure my home was toddler ready was, of course, first priority but I didn't want to have to sacrifice style either. Instead of bundling up and hauling style away never to be seen again, I replaced those not-so-baby-friendly items with kid safe alternatives that actually look grown up! I have created an adult AND kid appropriate style guide that hopefully will encourage you to get reacquainted with decorating if it was stashed away in the closet until further notice! I believe that style and toddlers can coexist! Got the decorating bug yet? Click on the links below to get your adult decorated, kid friendly space!


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