H. LIVELY - by Haley Ognoskie



Decorating with throw pillows can be super fun but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to achieve a cohesive, put-together look.

  1. Size: For a standard size sofa, start with a larger size, either 22x22 or 24x24. Unless your sofa seat cushion is extra deep or the back is higher than normal, I usually go with a 22x22. Layer down in size from there. Add in a 20x20 and then a lumbar. A 14x20 or for larger sofas, a 12x24 works well. If you have an apartment sized sofa like I do, layering with two 20x20s and a 14x20 wont overpower the smaller size but still allows for some fun!

  2. Scale: One thing that is easy to miss is the scale of the patterns. Make sure to mix this up! Include small, medium and large scale prints.

  3. Pattern: This is where it gets fun! I love mixing floral, geometric and solid or semi-solid prints together. It is about finding patterns that complement one another and less about them matching perfectly.

  4. Pick your faves: It is important to remember that designing is supposed to be fun but making decisions for your home can be tough! There are so many choices available so what I suggest to my clients when these decisions get overwhelming is to just pick the one you like the best. When you forget about all the other details and just go with your gut, things have a pretty incredible way of coming together naturally.

styling with pillows.jpg

One of my primary goals for H. Lively is help take the guesswork out of design. I have created this quick how-to guide for you to reference in hopes of making this process a little easier and a lot more fun!

May the Lord bless your home today and always!


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