Hello Friends! Today I wanted to open up a little about my marriage and let you in on the ways Torrey and I have figured out how to make our long distance relationship work.

Full disclosure-T and I get out of sync quicker than I’d like to admit if we don’t have quality time together so this living apart thing has not been easy, especially with having a little one.

Working out a system that helps us feel and stay connected has been a lot of trial and error but we’ve finally gotten in a groove and know what works for us.

Here it goes:

1.     FaceTime, FaceTime, FaceTime: Can I just stop right now and say how grateful I am for technology?! The ability to see each other most nights via FaceTime has helped tremendously with being away from each other during the week! Wyatt is obsessed with the phone and loves getting to see his dad on the screen. It isn’t like being in person but it sure beats nothing!


2.     Scheduled, Uninterrupted Family Time: The entire weekend is set aside for family time as much as possible. Work sometimes requires us to work on Saturdays but we always block out the evening, if not the whole day. T and I check in with each other about midweek to see if anything has come up that requires weekend time. We stay flexible and figure out a way to make our time happen.

3.     Date Night: We don’t use this term in the expected sense because we typically don’t leave the house and we usually have a little one by our side. Date night does, however, involve food. More often, Saturday nights are our nights to cook together. We find a recipe we both like, go to the store together, prepare it together and eat it together. There is something about food that has a way of connecting us. T and I haven’t always done this. We have very different tastes in food so this is a new one but we have come to really enjoy the process.


4.     Texting Throughout the Day: Technology for the win, again! We talk as much as we can throughout the day. This may not work great for everyone but keeping the conversation going works really well for us. We find that we don’t miss as much this way and when we do see each other in person there isn’t a whole lot to catch up on, it just flows.

I wanted to write this post because, as hard as they are, long distance relationships are quite common. For those of you in a similar situation I hope some of these tips can help you like they have us. It is so important to stay connected with your loved ones, prioritize family time and find commonalities. I’d love to know what other ways you stay connected. Let me know in the comments below!