Hard to believe that my baby boy will be ONE YEAR OLD this month! As I reflect on this past year, I have been amazed by the changes I've seen in Wyatt - watching him grow, develop and learn. I knew to expect changes but had no idea how amazing it would be to watch. Watching a child grow is AWE-some in the truest sense of the word.

Another thing I didn't expect from becoming a mother was all the change in myself! Wyatt has probably taught me more about life than I have him at this point, so today I wanted to share some of the things I have learned from this little boy over the past 12 months...

1. Perfectionism Truly is a Waste of Time

I'm type A. I'll admit it. I find peace in having a well organized home, having the dishes done, the bed made, minimal clutter, etc. Staying on top of things was easy and manageable. Insert baby. Dishes MIGHT get done if it is a good day, bed is rarely made and baby toys are everywhere. Adios well organized home! If you're like me, your probably doubling over imagining the chaos. Even now, as I write this, I feel my body reacting to the words on this page! But I have to laugh. I ask myself these days, "What is important?" and having everything in its place just isn't.

2. Importance of Being Present

I always struggled with this one...until Wyatt came into the picture. I'm one to constantly be planning and looking ahead. Becoming a mom has given me a perspective on time that, luckily, helps me slow my roll however uncomfortable the external circumstances may be. I've been WITH my boy these past 12 months and it has been incredible!

3. Experiencing the World for the Second Time

Can you imagine if everything you saw, touched, smelled or ate was brand new?! Hard to imagine unless you are watching someone else experience life for the first time. Seeing Wyatt do this makes me feel as if I am experiencing the world all over again! Who knew a remote control was so fascinating, or cabinet doors were so much fun to open?! Simple things are interesting and exciting again and I just love that!

4. I've Got to Take Care of Me

I've done a terrible job of this and most moms do I think! It is so easy to neglect yourself when you are so focused on baby. But really, how good can you be for baby if you've forgotten to feed yourself?? I've learned the hard way that, as inconvenient as it may be, I've got to stop and fuel my body during the day and do a little pampering at night, even if it only consists of a glass of wine and an episode of Big Bang! It is something!!

5. Finding My Purpose

My life's purpose has always centered around career and children didn't factor into my life equation. If you would have told me that I was going to be a mother one day and actually like it, I would have told you you were crazy! All I can say now is THANK HEAVENS God knew me better than I did. Wyatt was a surprise gift to me and Torrey but the sense of purpose I've received from being his mom is greater than any professional job ever gave me.