First Year Must Haves

Skip Hop Bath Tub.jpg

I remember the first conversation I had with a seasoned mom, asking about "the essentials." This conversation was prompted by the initial shock of visiting Buy Buy Baby and experiencing the baby product overwhelm for the first time! I felt pretty strongly that moms were being HAD - a wipe warmer? A snot sucker? Seriously??? I wanted to keep things simple and practical and didn't want to fall prey to non-necessities. Thankfully, I was given some direction in the beginning and slowly started to figure it out along the way. Turns out that some of the things I thought were marketing ploys, are actually lifesavers! 

As a new mom, it is hard to navigate everything baby so I wanted to share my top items that have proven to be extremely useful over this past year and VERY worth the money. I have personal experience with everything linked here so my hope is that this post stumbles upon new moms out there and provides guidance that I so desperately needed when I was first starting out.

1. Jellycat - Handsdown the softest and cutest brand of baby books and plush toys ever made. Wyatt has loved his Jellycat stuffed animals and rattle every step of the way and the book I linked above has kept him entertained for extended periods of time - impressive!

2. Skip Hop - I absolutely love this brand. What is great about the items I linked is that they grow with your baby. The activity center converts to a table top when the seat is no longer needed, the bath tub has three levels to work with, the high chair cover works for shopping baskets too and the foam pads have proven to be a great play surface for Wyatt, at every stage. 

3. UPPAbaby - I hesitated going with this brand just from a price standpoint but I am so glad I decided on it. I cannot say enough great things about their strollers and car seats (I own the Cruz, G-Lite and Mesa) . I chose this brand because of its ease to operate, its light weight frame and it has a smaller footprint than a lot of other strollers out there. UPPAbaby knows what they are doing. I wound up purchasing the bassinet a few months later. My only regret is that I wish I had bought it sooner! I HIGHLY recommend investing in their products. 

4. A Walker Toy- I am not sure I would have purchased one of these on my own. Luckily, my mom brought one home for Wyatt. If I had known, however, just how much fun was in store for all of us I wouldn't have passed it up. This little zebra has brought us so much laughter and has really helped Wyatt get the hang of walking. The moments we've experienced because of this plastic toy are priceless.

5. A Baby Carrier - I did a lot of research on this one and settled on Lillebaby for two reasons: 1) it is hip healthy for all positions and 2) it has a weight limit that exceeds the others. A couple other positives, it is easy to put on and comfortable to wear for mom and baby.

6. Dock-a-Tot - One word: lifesaver! T and I spent a year long distance and joked about having to play "musical beds" during that time. Wherever we were, though, Wyatt had his dock and was able to sleep. We started with the Deluxe and are now on to the Grand. Even if you are less nomadic than we were, I still highly recommend this. I have a few other mom friends who rave about theirs. It is an investment but one you won't regret.

7. Bumbo Multi-Seat: Skip the original Bumbo seat all together and just get this one. You and your baby will be much happier in this one for longer.

8. Hanna Andersson - Their Organic Pima Cotton is out of this world. The softness and sweet prints are perfect for baby. 

9. Aden + Anais - Best swaddles out there and they do get better with every wash. I wound up purchasing their sleep sacks too. I prefer them to other brands because of the material. Wyatt sleeps hot so the muslin allowed him to stay covered but not overheat.

10. Nosefrida - I remember having to fight my gag reflex the first time I saw this product in the store and I swore that I would never participate in this absurdity...now I own two. The first time Wyatt came down with a cold I couldn't get to a Walgreens fast enough to pick one up. Even if you think this is the grossest thing on earth, get one anyway. There will come a time when you can't suck out enough snot. 

11. BabyGanics - This is my favorite line of baby cleaning products. The wipes are the softest, the lotion the most moisturizing and the balm is the best for diaper rash  - all sans chemicals! Love this line and grateful to be able to share it with Wyatt.

12. Little Unicorn Bandana Bibs - These are super thick and absorbent. I also like Copper Pearl brand too.

13. Itzy Ritzy Drop Happens - I like this brand best because it fits all types of pacifiers and has a really easy to use and attach clip.

14. Wubbanub - We purchased 5 and have yet to lose one! The animal makes it really easy to keep up with. They are more expensive on the front end but we haven't had to replace any lost pacifiers!

Hope this is a helpful starting point for the new moms out there! Let me know what your must haves are - always looking for great products for Wyatt!

Until next time,